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There are many things to consider when the bride has selected you as her maid of honor. First of all, you should feel a lot of pride because it means that you are an extremely trustworthy person whom the bride trusts more than anyone else in the world to take care of her when she is in her time of need. Just think about it, and you probably know if you have gone through your own wedding, that weddings can be extremely stressful to plan. Between the color palettes, the guest list, the dress decisions, the food, and so on, there are so many things for a bride to have on her mind during the wedding planning process. She is sure to be stressed beyond belief. It is your job as her best friend and her maid of honor to make sure that everything goes well with this process. This includes going to dress fittings with her and going to check out catalogs for pallets and rental companies. However, you also need to plan activities and events for the bride to make sure that her stress levels stay at a manageable level. Some of these activities and events can include visits to the massage parlor, spas and even just taking her out to the bar on the weekend with some of her girls. However, there is one event that is super important for you to plan and for you to get exactly right, and that is the bachelorette party.

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The bachelorette party is, arguably, the most important task that befalls the maid of honor. The bachelorette party is an important part of the wedding process because it gives the bride a chance to have her last night of being an unmarried woman. It's a chance for her to let her hair down and go wild without repercussions. And planning a bachelorette party can be a whole lot of fun. It gives you a chance to test how much you know your friend and how well you know how to plan a party for her. However, there are equally many ways for you to mess up the planning of a bachelorette party. Many people who mess up in planning the bachelorette party don't realize they could have solved their problems simply by choosing the right venue or, more specifically, the right venues.

The venues you choose for the bachelorette party are so vital that choosing the wrong ones ruins the whole event. Many people mess up royally on this section of the party planning process because they relegate the bachelorette party to a mundane environment like a dining room or a living room and don't go beyond. Can you imagine how dull this must be for the bride? She can hang out at home and drink wine any day of the week. You shouldn't confuse the bachelorette party festivities with the festivities one would plan for a baby shower. Instead, you need to plan a bachelorette party allowing the bride to let her hair down and go crazy. You need to plan a bachelorette party with multiple venues, so she can go around to different venues and locations and paint the town red.

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Now, we can appreciate that planning a bachelorette party with multiple venues often leads to one huge, glaring issue: figuring out the transportation. Planning the transportation for any party or event can be a pain, but for a bachelorette party, it's like figuring out a Rubik's cube while blindfolded and never having seen the cube before trying to solve it. Many people don't even know where to begin because they've never had to plan an event of this scale before. There are simply so many factors to consider! On the one hand, you have to worry about splitting everyone into different cars, and depending on how big your party is, this can mean you have a whole lot of cars that need to be factored into the occasion. And then you have to worry about all those cars navigating traffic, which, depending on the day of the party (likely a weekend night), can be a major pain. And then, at the same time, you need to worry about parking and hiked-up parking rates. And then you have to organize a meet-up spot with all those different cars. And before all of that, you still have to figure out who your designated drivers will be! And we can tell you from experience that finding just one bachelorette party guest willing to designate a drive is hard enough, and finding multiples is just about impossible. So what is one party planning maid of honor to do to figure out the transportation for the bachelorette party that she is planning?

The best answer is to rent a luxury vehicle, specifically a party bus, for the bachelorette party! This is the greatest, most safe option for a bachelorette party. You can circumvent all of the above mentioned problems while taking advantage of all the awesome features and amenities inherent in a party bus. Beginning with the interiors, they have comfortable, plush seats, LED lights that change color and set an exotic mood, and dancing poles and hardwood floors for dancing and going wild. There are also some excellent entertainment features such as premium concert quality speakers with hookups for MP3 players and CD players and flat-screen televisions that can play DVDs at your leisure. On top of this, there are beautiful, granite-topped bar areas with functional coolers that can store whatever drinks you want. This means that you can drink alcohol on board party buses, which is incredible! This means that everyone can get everywhere safely while still being able to keep the party going. And since you have a party on wheels, you can go to all of the best destinations, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, strip clubs, casinos, etc. There is literally no end to the possibilities of renting a party bus!

It's no secret that bachelorette parties and party buses go together like peas and carrots. You will be regarded by the bride and all of the party guests for thinking of renting a party bus for this occasion. This is the most economical and sensible option when it comes to planning a bachelorette party -- hands down!

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